Thesis: Supplier Power of Pfizer

Sample Thesis Paper

Part of Pfizer’s basic strategy is to consistently channel extensive funds towards research and development functions. This has brought Pfizer to a point where it has to rely on a minimum number of external suppliers and chooses to manufacture most of its products through ingredients that it develops and manufactures itself.

However, Pfizer prefers to exercise off-shoring and outsourcing strategies frequently and relies on the same to provide it with an adequate Research and Development base (DecisionNews Media, 2007).

Barriers to Entry

The United States Healthcare infrastructure is one that covers approximately one fourth of the population of the country. In order to enter the industry at a level such as that of Pfizer, the magnitude of initial investing capital required is not less than magnanimous. However, recent reforms are of a nature such that they greatly encourage the development of the healthcare infrastructure through the establishment of new healthcare product and service providers, it is therefore reasonable to conclude that the barriers to entry for a new medical company in the healthcare industry on a level where Pfizer would be threatened remains medium.

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