Thesis: Supply Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

At a strategic level, SCM has allows organizations to carry out extensive optimization of their operations in terms of the needed resources and the resource being used. This allows room to be left for the effective operation of communication channels that connect the organization to distributors, customers and suppliers (Jespersen & Skjott-Larsen, 2005). SCM has also allowed users to carry out enhancements and upgrades in Product Lifecycle Management activities through integrated support from Information Technology. At a tactical level, the implementation of SCM allows organizations to effectively make complex decisions that include those relating to inventory management. At an operational level the benefits of SCM can be found in their most apparent form when considered with regard to the fact that the implementation of SCM incorporates extensive analysis, optimization and improvement of daily functions and operations that constitute the organization’s supply chain (Hugos, 2006). SCM implementation has also allowed modern day businesses to develop a clear comprehension of the relationship and need for improvement between the inbound and outbound operations that pertain to the organization’s functioning.

In recent decades, the buyer has become empowered through technology and this has brought about an expansive need for organizations to realize the shift in power and to respond effectively. The solution comes forth in the form of an approach in which all value chain partners come together to optimize their combined operations and cut costs by eliminating redundant constituents of their operations (Cohen & Roussel, 2005). Once the costs have been cut, areas that require the most extensive channeling of resources can be identified and can be considered in a manner such that the end product is in relationship with a measurement of the internal cost structure.

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