Thesis: Support Activities for Dell’s Chain Value

Sample Thesis Paper

In the area of support activities, it was observed that Dell chooses to carry out its procurement through the combined activity of out-sourcing and buying from local suppliers. In both cases, the respondents noted that Dell chooses to continue its streak of standard maintenance. Almost every second respondent highlighted Dell’s stringent quality control requirements from its suppliers when considered in this area. It was observed that Dell chooses to give a significant degree of relevance to ensuring that its procurement activities provide it with a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

Technology development was found to be the strongest area with regard to Dell’s value chain. Respondents openly expressed that it would have been impossible for Dell to survive with its unique business model without having a technological edge against the competition. Once supervisor noted that Dell pioneered the amalgamation of technology and efficiency by giving birth to the build-to-order idea to begin with. In this regard, it can be observed that Dell holds a unique position in the industry and continues to approach technology and development with the same maverick perspective it did in the days of its inception.

With regard to the secondary activity of human resource management, it was observed that Dell chooses to put a lot of stress on its human resource activities. Supervisors pointed out that a considerable part of Dell’s value chain goes towards training and development activities for its human capital. It therefore comes as no surprise that its internal operations continue to function flawlessly.

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