Thesis: Sustaining Competitive Advantages in Tourism Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

Sustaining Competitive advantages in the industry provides the strong degree of competence in competitive market. Tribe (2010) believes that creative innovations on tourism infrastructures will not only develops the market of tourism industry, but also directs towards the leadership.

Since Tourism itself is a huge industry, Collaboration is one of the most effective strategies, which ties different organizations (for e.g. Government body, major airlines company, car hire companies, Hotels chain and tour operating groups) to work together to meet various expectations of tourists under single umbrella. Lowering the Price is also one of the common strategies used by various destinations to attract people. Brand name plays another important role on marketing destination, in fact branding is one of the major elements, which is, must in advertising tourism destination (Morgan et. al, (2004).  As like the manufacturers brand, place brands generate certain principles, ideas, and testimonials and emotion sparks in consumer’s perspective about the possible standards of every attraction that are advertised from that place (Morgan et. al, 2004).

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