Thesis: SWOT Analysis for UK Banking Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

The research will incorporate a SWOT Analysis for the UK Banking industry. This analysis will entail a study of the internal strengths and weaknesses alongside the external opportunities and threats to which the UK banking industry is exposed (Böhm 2009). The purpose of doing so shall be to ascertain whether or not banks in the UK are in a condition where they can or should reconsider the degree of relevance that they give to their consumers (Wylie 2009).  Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

The Porter’s Five Forces model will allow an industry level analysis of the key members of the value chain for banks in the UK. The purpose of choosing the porter’s five forces as the model for the industry analysis is to ensure that there is a sound, tried and tested foundation behind the analysis and the analysis adheres to a predefined procedure (Kurtz, MacKenzie and Snow 2009). The analysis covers the bargaining power of suppliers alongside the bargaining power of consumers. The model also makes use of the degree to which the threat of substitute products exists in the industry and the threat of new entrants to any business functioning in the industry (Basu 2004). By bringing together these four elements, the model converges upon the degree of competitive rivalry that prevails in the industry.

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