Thesis: Tag Line of Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper

The tag line allows the consumer to find in the store exactly what the consumer was promised out of the store (Aaker and Joachimsthaler 2000). If a prospective consumer reads the tag line and then visits the store to find the same tag line written in the store, it will allow the person to feel less unfamiliar to the retail outlet.

Debenhams has a large number of products and services that it offers to its consumers and the absence of a concrete tag line can allow Debenhams to establish the significance of these products and services all the more. The absence of a proper, concrete and concise tag line appears to be depriving Debenhams from a much needed element of aggressive market competition that it requires. If one was to consider other multinational businesses, one can see that there are businesses where the business chooses to form and establish a new tag line almost every next season. Businesses such as these ensure that they generate tag lines for consumers with respect to the region in which the subject retail outlet is present and then market that outlet with the respective tag line. However, in the case of Debenhams, there appears to be no tag line present at all.

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