Thesis: Teacher Training and Preparedness

Sample Thesis Paper

Researchers have observed that there is a staggering shortage of qualified teachers to work in Afghanistan’s educational system (Islam, 2007; Spink, 2004). Roshan (2004) reported that there was a shortfall of approximately 100,000 teachers in 2002 (p. 280).

In 2003, the World Bank arrived at an estimate that there were 106,450 teachers working in Afghanistan while other report suggested the figure of over 80,000 for the entire country (Spink, 2004). A study conducted by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in 2002 found that the average age of Afghan teachers was 39 years old – an age significant to country’s life expectancy of 45 years or less. Further teacher training had been virtually nonexistent with almost “30% of these teachers having themselves received less than 12 years of formal education and with 10% having no formal education at all” (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006, p. 9). Spink (2004) reported that the 2004/2005 budget reserved about 10.5% of the funding for curriculum and teacher development. However, most of the monies were committed to construction for teacher training facilities than for actual training or professional development projects.

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