Thesis: Team Building Training in Virtual Teams

Sample Thesis Paper

No discussion on team building through training and development can be expected to be complete without shedding light on the form that the subject takes with regard to virtual teams. Virtual teams have become increasingly common in modern day organizations and it is because of the same reason that training methods have adapted to accommodate such teams in accordance to their generally geographically distributed demands.

“With the acceleration of communications technology, we now find ourselves living and working in an increasingly global virtual environment. Organizational development professionals are beginning to consider how virtual communications technology will influence the way in which we work together whether it will enhance or hinder organizational effectiveness” (Holton, 2001)

It is imperative to realize that the virtual team, in essence, brings forth the same set of difficulties that one would expect to be present in a traditional close-knit and geographically associated team. However, when considering the manner in which virtual teams can be trained to function with increasing levels of efficiency, it becomes imperative to realize that the training becomes increasingly reliant on the business results that the team yields (Holton, 2001). Even though the trainings needs assessment procedures for a virtual team are reflections of those that are present in the case of non-virtual teams, the provision of the training becomes a highly centralized activity.

Distinctions between team members such as regional time differences, language barriers and the like serve to increase complications in the training procedure. In this regard, it becomes imperative for the training to ensure that it is designed to address the processes within the team as well as the end results (Holton, 2001). Data collection instruments such as periodic appraisals and the like can be brought into use in this regard in order to gauge the exact areas in which the training should be tactically designed.

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