Thesis: Team Oriented leadership in Singapore

Sample Thesis Paper

If one was to perform an analysis of the implications of Team Oriented Leadership upon Singapore, one can observe that the perception of team orientation is present on an immensely broad scale. Singapore has developed team based relationships with Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan on the basis of the cultural unanimity that exists amongst them (Chhokar, Brodbeck, House, & GLOBE, 2007). According to the country rankings for leadership, Singapore ranks as a B with a leadership value of 5.76 on a second order leadership scale.

Participative Leadership

If we were to identify the role of Participative Leadership in Singapore’s perspective, then one of the few aspects that deserve to be highlighted can be seen is in the GLOBE book of in-depth studies of 25 Societies which highlights the fact that Singapore has established participative relations with China as a result of the highly active yet somewhat constricted degree of participative leadership that is present in Singapore. That is to say that as a participative leader Singapore involves China enthusiastically in taking decisions for the betterment of both (Northouse, 2006). The country scores a C in the ranking and the score of Singapore in participative leadership is 5.30.

By exercising participative leadership, it is apparent that it would provide room in the organization for the formation of an environment where ideas that hold potential to serve the purposes of the organization are appreciated and adopted regardless of the position from where the ideas and suggestions have originated from within the organization. This allows for the development of an understanding to be developed between the organization and the employees of the organization across the organization.

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