Thesis: Technical Bottlenecks in ERP Implementation

Sample Thesis Paper

Technical factors like software compatibility, software development & testing, modelling, data reporting and troubleshooting are important variables of ERP success. Markus et al. (2000) suggest that companies had great difficulty in integrating their enterprise software with a package of hardware, operating systems, database management systems software and telecommunications suited to their particular organization size, structure and geographic dispersion. Siriginidi (2000) suggests some of the factors which should be considered before ERP implementation. The factors listed by him are infrastructure resource planning which includes appropriate hardware and network infrastructure , servers , PCs & LAN with the latest updated technology.
Data reporting is also critical in determining user level satisfaction (Markus et al., 2000). Sumner (2000) states that the use of report generators and user training in report applications is critical to project implementation success. Testing is a crucial aspect of implementing ERP solutions (Vosburg & Kumar, 2001). Testing and validation is important to ensure that the software works technically and that the business process configurations are practical (Al-Mashari et al., 2003).
Migration of data using automated tools is a good strategy for organisations to remove the dirty data from its previous legacy systems (Vosburg & Kumar, 2001).

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