Thesis: Techniques on Marketing Tourist Destination

Sample Thesis Paper

Marketing is planning, which is about making provision to discovering opportunities that provides the ladder to meet the unmet needs of customer (Pike, 2008). It helps in promotion, exploration of new and existed products in market. Briggs (2001), Morgan and Pritchard (2000) argues tourism, as information demanding services, where product is service and advertising is more vibrant than in other industries. In this setting, different marketing techniques such as branding, media, websites, advertising, and promotion of Tourist destination are most important in order to achieve success on organization’s aims and objectives.

A solely founded effective marketing technique can only lead the tourist destination to achieve goal because technique on Marketing Tourist Destination is about promotion of the destination uniquely in comparison to other different destinations via various means of advertising tools in and outside the country. By having uniquely designed marketing technique, it provides organization competitive advantages making better renown and helps in attracting more tourists in that place. The competitive advantage brings rise in number of visitors to the destination. TV, radio, newspaper, online websites, banners and brands are the marketing tools that plays vital role in exploring the Tourist Destination. All these advertising, media, Internet and branding help in promotion of destinations providing information to peoples about the places and its features.

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