Thesis: Techniques of Team Building via Training & Development

Sample Thesis Paper

There are three techniques that can be brought into use when building teams through training and development. These are: emphasis on data, emphasis on relationships and emphasis on purpose.

Emphasis on data

The emphasis on data generally leads to the development of teams built around the idea of developing a clear comprehension of the team leader and the team members. It can be surmised that this approach perceives the team to be experiencing problems at the time of its implementation. This comprehension is generally developed by interviewing both parties and determining the areas in which each is facing obstructions (Heap, 1996). Following this, both are challenged to brainstorm ways through which they can contribute to the resolution of the issues at hand. The trainer in this scenario takes on the role of a facilitator who simply stimulates activity and discussion in the team and makes sure that the discussion continues to provide an outcome at each stage of the resolution process.

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