Thesis: Tesco as a multinational company

Sample Thesis Paper

Tesco is a multinational company that was started as a grocery store back in 1919. It has its headquarters in Cheshunt,Broxbourne in the U.K.  Over the years, it has grown into a respectable and competitive business empire that operates at the international front. It currently deals with various products such as food, clothes, electronics, music, internet, health and beauty among others. This paper has analyzed the business and marketing strategy of the company.

It has looked into the history of the company and the various products it offers such as food and non-food items. It has analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face this company. On the market analysis, the paper has analysed the Tesco competitors such as Wall-Mart, ASDA, Virgin et cetera. A comparative analysis between the competitors was done. Branding and positioning has also been highlighted in the light of the current market share. It was sought to know how the company has maintained the consumer loyalty for that long.

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