Thesis: Tesco’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Sample Thesis Paper

The research initiated by setting out the context to the study along with the objectives, research questions and personal development objectives in the introductory chapter. The dissertation plan was established before proceeding to the literature review. The literature review constituted a review and analysis of peer reviewed publications regarding Tesco. Specific areas covered during the course of the literature review included a variety of topics pertaining to international expansion.

Tesco’s corporate social responsibility with regard to its entry was covered as well as organizational barriers in international expansion, marketing strategies in international expansion and the cultural barriers in the same context, the relevance of choosing the entry strategy for cases of international expansion. A number of entry strategies were highlighted in this regard. Economic and trade barriers in the case of international expansion were also presented. The chapter came to a close with an in depth overview of the US food retail industry before presenting a summary of the literature review. The dissertation then presented the Case Study through a distinct chapter. An introduction to Tesco was followed by an analysis of its key stakeholders in order to elucidate upon Tesco’s expansion strategy that was subsequently analyzed. Following this, Tesco’s expansion strategy was analyzed in the specific context of the US and the Fresh and Easy brand name was studied. The case study chapter then presented a detailed analysis of Tesco’s current standing for its expansion in the US.

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