Thesis: Tesco’s Current Standing in the US

Sample Thesis Paper

Figures recorded by Tesco in 2009 showed that Tesco has been able to successfully put around 115 Fresh and Easy stores into operation. Research carried out by Tesco as stated in Tesco’s Annual Report for the same year concluded that the forecasting performed by Tesco to predict consumer response to Tesco’s Fresh and Easy stores has gone beyond expectations and is currently in a position where it may increase further as new Fresh and Easy stores are opened.

In all 115 stores, Tesco made sure that it exercised extensive adaptation to the specific requirements of the locals and these customizations have proven to be of productive use according to current standings. While doing so has required Tesco to bring forth certain changes in the product ranges that it offers, the overall response from the consumers has been of a favorable nature nonetheless. Furthermore, Tesco’s first wave of consumers has been observed to constitute those customers who are trying to make the best of limited budgets that have been constrained further as a result of the implications of the global downturn. Tesco is allowing such consumers to acquire maximum productivity by bringing down prices to allow affordable prices to be communicated to the consumers.

Tesco exercised an extensively customer centric approach through which it developed special cost saving packages for its consumers in the US. These special packages were priced below a dollar and were designed with the intention of ensuring that the American consumer was not affected by the global recession with regard to access to food. It comes as no surprise that this measure was not only appreciated by consumers in the US found a reason to consider Tesco as a prime player in their list of options for grocery shopping. While Tesco has currently limited the range of special packages to six fruits and vegetables, it plans on introducing more with the passage of time and availability of season.

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