Thesis: Tesco’s Expansion

Sample Thesis Paper

TESCO stepped out of the UK for the first time in 1994. A store was opened in Hungary and the expansion was followed by stores opening in Asian, South Korean, and Central European and Thailand markets. With almost 2000 stores in the UK alone and almost 1200 stores outside the UK, TESCO functions with a total human capital of 670,000 employees (Shaffer, Gottlieb, Zajfen, Vallianatos, Nyberg and Dreier 2007).

The latest expansion however, is not one that is influenced solely out of the desire of generating higher profit margins and surplus profits but comes out of TESCO’s desire to make up for dwindling profit margins in the UK. However, this does not by any means signify a decrease in the relevance of its UK operations. The UK operations continue to stand as TESCO’s largest and most important area of business. TESCO has adopted a strategy that it has followed in almost all of its expansions. It seeks to localize its presence by customizing its stores to local needs and trends. TESCO has 109 stores in  Japan, 95 stores in  Republic of Ireland, 84 stores in  Czech Republic, 47 stores in  China 19 stores in  Malaysia,  370 stores in  Thailand, 30 stores in  Turkey, 48 stores in  Slovakia, 91 stores in  South Korea, 101 stores in Hungary and 280 stores in Poland (Shaffer, Gottlieb, Zajfen, Vallianatos, Nyberg and Dreier 2007).

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