Thesis: Tesco’s Key Stakeholders

Sample Thesis Paper

Tesco identifies seven key stakeholders in the scope of its corporate responsibility.

The Customer

The customer is identified as the very first stakeholder for Tesco. Tesco believes that the customer is to be engaged in continuous communication in order to enable Tesco to identify areas where improvement can be made. Special in-store forums and meetings are held with customers for the singular purpose of acquiring information from customers about any areas that can use any form of improvement. Staff and managers often interact directly with customers during these meetings and forums to take feedback from consumers and to reassure them that steps will be taken to bring about improvements in identified areas.

The Investor

The second stakeholder identified by Tesco is the investor. Tesco engages its investors by making use of a structured programme that is stretched out across the year. The program constitutes meetings in which investors are given detailed updates and briefings about key areas of Tesco’s functionality. Furthermore, Tesco has made a separate section of its website for the purpose of facilitating its investors. This section allows investors to acquire complete knowledge about Tesco’s performance figures. In addition, Tesco continues to communicate with the investors through special briefings that are published for them during the course of the year.

The Employee

The third stakeholder identified by Tesco is the Tesco Employee. Tesco addresses its employees concerns by making sure that it provides its employees with stable and interesting jobs that are secure and address their needs fairly. Tesco realizes the need to ensure active guidance to its employees is undeniable and therefore encourages its employees to take advantage of its trainings in order to encourage leadership. In addition, Tesco takes special care to continuously monitor its employees with regard to their work experience at Tesco. Elements such as special programs and help lines that Tesco has setup help to ensure that the employees are always greeted with a round table whenever they wish to make any contribution that could assist Tesco’s functionality. By doing so, Tesco ensures that Tesco’s employees become key components of the equation of their success at Tesco.

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