Thesis: Tesco’s Strengths with Regard to the US Market

Sample Thesis Paper

The reason because of which Tesco has chosen to adopt this strategy is that Tesco aims to create a multi-class appeal across its consumers. Tesco does not simply wish to appeal to consumers who are looking for quick solutions for their food needs but wants to appeal to consumers who have a lifestyle that would otherwise be considered as irregular. It wants consumers to realize Tesco to have everything that they may need.

While Tesco has chosen to relinquish its public perception that it harbors in the UK, Tesco has made sure that it has made use the expertise it has acquired over its decades of dominance in the UK market in its expansion into the US. The most significant example of this transfer of expertise can be found in the fact that Tesco has chosen to maintain the same standards in its US supply chain that it exercises in its UK supply china. In order to do so, Tesco has brought several members of its UK supply chain with it into the US.

The supply chain mechanism for which TESCO is known well in the US is one that functions by carrying out extensive centralization in terms of distribution and in-house brands are promoted. As a result, it can be observed that Tesco’s system will have a considerable impact on local manufacturers, processors and regional growers. Besides these, it is expected that Tesco’s arrival will also have considerable influences on local manufacturers and contractors that function with relation to the food and non-food retail industry. Even though the fact that Tesco chose to bring its own suppliers into the US with it along with many of its UK value chain members serves to identify the degree to which Tesco aims to carry out internationalization through its expansion into the US, the company is choosing to direct all its promotional energy towards the availability of food in regions where food accessibility is an issue.

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