Thesis: Theory of Clark and Purdon on OCD

Sample Thesis Paper

Another theory put forth by Clark and Purdon suggests these invasive thoughts are not contingent upon the individual’s personal beliefs or consideration of him or herself. In its place increased significance which is assigned by the individual to the notion of thought control s the reason behind the increased obsession suffered by the individual. According to Clark and Purdon the ego-dystonic characteristics of particular thoughts makes it the main focus of the individual.

This in turn brings about the belief in the individual that he can completely control his thoughts through a concentrated effort. These attempts are seldom successful can cause a negative viewpoint to form within the individual in which he feels a sense of failure in the attempt of suppressing his thoughts. This in turn causes a negative feedback loop which results in the individual attempting with greater effort to control his thoughts and in turn experiencing negative emotions when he fails. This cycle escalates until the individual experiences increasing levels of anxiety and resistance to change. There have been recent studies which have shown that anxiety is caused by invasive thoughts which are shaped by the content of the thoughts themselves and the self assessment of the individual himself (Doron & Kyrios, 2005).

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