Thesis: Theory of the Methodology

Sample Thesis Paper

This type of research is about using systematic and empirical examination of certain events that have a qualitative nature. The study would also examine their relation and the phenomena of the event. The goal of qualitative research is to develop or use hypothesis, models and theories that are related to the event. The method and system used for measurement is important to the research since it gives basic relations between the mathematical expression of quantitative relations and the empirical observation. This kind of research is used in research related to social studies, HR and organisation studies, marketing and change management, requirement analysis and so on. The methods must be used to test or disprove certain hypotheses. Data gathering is done by means of using survey instruments, group studies and even structured interviews (Parasuraman, 2009).

According to Miles (1994), qualitative research focuses on “qualitative data” or “descriptive data” that describe the social phenomenon under investigation with respect to the nature of people, objects, and events. They further highlighted that the emphasis is on discovering emergent findings not on a measurement of predetermined variables. The author speaks of qualitative research as multi-method in its focus, involving an interpretative, naturalistic approach to its subject matter. This means that qualitative researchers study things in a natural setting, attempting to make sense or interpret with minimum intervention. Miles agrees that due to the desire to discover the emergent findings rather than measurement of variables, qualitative research requires a minimum intervention of the study setting in order to allow the qualitative data to reveal themselves in a natural setting.

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