Thesis: The Theory of Reasoned Action & Planned Behavior

Sample Thesis Paper

According to this particular theory, the degree of involvement that an individual chooses to develop in a change process relies on the degree to which the individual wishes to perform behaviors relating to the change (Bordens & Horowitz, 2001). In this regard, the degree to which an individual has control over the process of change also plays a significant role and the desire to be in control becomes equivalent to the desire for increased levels of self efficacy (Lubkin & Larsen, 2002).


It is evident from the above discussion that change is a highly intricate process. However, even though the research is at a premature stage, it is clear that no matter which scenario the change may be taking place in or is being brought about in, there is almost always the need to sustain the changed system after the process of implementation has completed. It can also be surmised that employees play a highly imperative role in the success of the change and that there is almost always a need to appropriately motivate and convince the employees of the need for a change before the process of change can be subjected to an implementation.

If the gist of this discussion on organization level change was to be translated into one that is being observed in the case of university, then it is clear that the need for the adequate involvement of the employees becomes all the more imperative since a strong and often large part of the employees in a university comprises of teaching staff. In the event that a change strategy is applied incorrectly, the consequences of the misdirected change can be next to disastrous for the university. It was also observed that change is a process that requires a certain degree of preparation before it can be brought about. While some models choose to refer to this component of change as the part in which the subject system becomes willing to transform and others choose to refer to it as a part that has t be brought about to cause a transformation of the variables of the system.

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