Thesis: The Thermidorian Reaction in French Revolution

Sample Thesis Paper

For the French Revolution, this phase was apparent when the economy deteriorated to a point where there was no other option but for the King to call a meeting between the three states that were representatives of the three major classes in France. It was an official acceptance of the deteriorating situation and the prevalence of distress in the corridors of power. This led to a division within the internal structure of the organization (Carlyle, 1860).

The movement raged on with all the more vigor and became a fully fledged revolution. So much so that this period was known as the Reign of Terror because of the immense number of casualties that were stocking up. The Thermidorian reaction was no consolation to the situation either and the devastation continued until it met its termination when Napoleon took hold of the reigns and declared himself the First Consul of France.

For the French revolution, the social unrest phase served to worsen the standing of not only the peace of the region but also served to bring the economy of the region to its knees. The French revolution is for the same reasons is referred to as the first major revolution of modern times that served to over throw a monarchy that was otherwise considered to be one of the most grand of its time. It served to bring about a recognition for unparalleled merit in aspects pertaining to leadership and replaced institutions that were otherwise considered as rudimentary with those that had the support of the people. Hence, through social unrest of a magnitude that had never been seen before, the balance of power tipped in to a direction that had never been before been observed in the history of France.

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