Thesis: Thought Action Fusion

Sample Thesis Paper

In his theory he cites two reasons which can increase the likelihood of the occurrence of these misinterpretations. The first reason may be if an individual considers that thinking about an objectionable situation will essentially cause it to happen in reality. The second reason may be if an individual considers having immoral thoughts as being morally corresponding to committing an immoral act.

Rachman says that the incidence of these thoughts can cause more anxiety in the individual when it is reveal that these thoughts are hidden aspects of an individual’s personality and he considers that they will have supposed consequences on the environment around him. These two reasoning may be constituted within a concept known as thought action fusion. Thought action fusion is a term which describes a disposition within an individual to overindulge the importance of one’s invasive thoughts. The contents of these thought may be specified to certain topics such as aggression, sex and blasphemy. Rachman assigns importance to both the composition of the invasive thoughts and the presence of dysfunctional beliefs as having a hand in turning thoughts into obsessions (Doron & Kyrios, 2005).

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