Thesis: The Threat of New Competitors for Bestway Cash & Carry

Sample Thesis Paper

Bestway Cash & Carry is a wholesale retailer and is recognized in the wholesale industry for the reliability of its products. Similarly, Bestway Cash and Carry’s key competitors constitute corporations that have been a part of the industry for decades and are therefore trusted by suppliers. In order to acquire access to the wholesale retail industry, supplier confidence is an imperative element and it becomes difficult for new entrants to enter the industry without establishing a concrete relationship with the suppliers.

It is significant to note that in the case of this discussion and the scenario at hand, the supplier is the manufacturer of the product and therefore has the option of deciding whether or not the manufactured product should be allowed to go up on the shelf of a wholesale retailer. We can therefore surmise that the threat of new entrants in the industry remains low and is not an aspect that Bestway Cash & Carry needs to worry about.

Another fact that remains imperative is that Bestway Cash & Carry is a broad-line distributor and is therefore a constituent of the industry that deals directly with retailers and provides them with a vast array of products. However, when considered in light of the fact that Bestway Cash & Carry also entertains the everyday consumer, the threat of the entry of new competition takes on a different meaning according to which Bestway Cash & Carry faces a threat in the form of the opening of

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