Thesis: Threat of Substitutes for Tesco in US Market

Sample Thesis Paper

With regard to the competitive landscape that exists for Tesco in the US, it was observed that respondents considered Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, The Kroger Co. and Safeway to be key competitors for Tesco with a few mentions of Super Value Inc. However, it was observed that a majority of the respondents considered Tesco to be most affected by Wal-Mart on account of the international nature of operations of both Retail chains. It was observed that consumers in the US find a comparable degree of utility at these stores with regard to what Tesco has to offer them.

Bargaining power of Suppliers for TESCO in the US market

It was identified that Tesco has been able to surpass the difficulties that are posed by the fact that there are a limited number of reliable suppliers available in the US when observed in the context of widespread stores like Tesco. It was observed that the fact that Tesco has managed to bring a few of its suppliers with it to the US has given Tesco a considerable edge over the bargaining power of suppliers. Furthermore, respondents identified that Tesco’s unique value chain model is one that allows suppliers to adjust to a manner of production that increases efficiency in operations. The fact that Tesco requires its suppliers to comply with its value chain model serves to give Tesco a considerable edge over its suppliers.

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