Thesis: Threats for Tesco in the US Market

Sample Thesis Paper

´╗┐´╗┐Tesco has made sure that there is a significant volume of quality assurance exercised in its expansion into the US and all symbols that can form affiliations in the consumers’ perceptions regarding Tesco’s former track record in the UK are left in the background. There is no denying that American consumers experience apprehensions regarding the degree of quality that Tesco has made available to American consumers as opposed to the degree of quality that Tesco has made available to its UK consumer base. As a result, Tesco has had to make sure that consumers in the US are given little to no cause to doubt the quality provided by Tesco.

It is important to realize that any shortfall that Tesco experiences in the quality of product provided to the American consumer can translate into the development of negative sentiment towards Tesco across the same. It would therefore explain why Tesco chose to bring in some of its key suppliers and value chain members into the US with it.

The suppliers that Tesco has brought into from the US shall be working in the same manner in which they worked in their UK operations. They will be hiring out operations to sub-contractors approved by Tesco. The main purpose of operating the value chain through subcontractors will be to acquire fresh produce from them as well as raw material for in-house products for its ready-made line of food. Most of the subcontractors that are to be chosen will be evaluated against criteria based on the expanse of their operations, logistical capabilities, experience, international exposure and similar variables.

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