Thesis: The Tics Disorder

Sample Thesis Paper

Tourette occurs  with other problems such as, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, obsession  which causes misbehavior, but the main cause is unknown, the tics start from childhood and may be worst in early teens, many people eventually outgrow them, usually treatment is not needed unless the tics interfere with  everyday life, medicine, talk therapy and focused activities may help, some people have severe long lasting tics that can persist for more than a year and this chronic tic disorder is a part of a condition called Tourette Syndrome.

Social acceptance is necessary and vital part of rehabilitation of such patients, family and people and employers must have some knowledge of the disorders so as to accommodate them; concerning knowledge is available through books, Judy Cohen (1998). in her booklet writes a general over view of many disabilities without focusing any one person.

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