Thesis: Time Management Issues

Sample Thesis Paper

However, in retrospect I must accept that I have a problem with my organizational skills. Though I have the drive and energy to perform in this field, I do not possess the consistency required to be a productive member of any company. There is also a huge disparity between my home life and my university work load. Often times I would find myself underperforming in tasks which I would find quite simple if I had enough time to devote to them. This in turn causes me to be more anxious and create scenarios for myself where I become even more panicky. Such behavior leaves me in a state where I cannot accomplish my work and end up wasting several hours that I could devote to it.

I believe this lack of organization stems from my poor handling of my relationships in terms of time management. I have three relationships in my life which I assign importance. One is with my parents, the second is with my girlfriend and the third is with my roommate. I often find that the time I spend with each of these individuals is the reason for my time management issues. Although I realize that they are a distracting influence on my work they are also the main source of stability in my life. I often indulge with social interactions with them which take time away from the work I have to accomplish.

Additionally the time management constrains also manifest great stress in my life due to everyday issues which I simply cannot devote enough time to because of my aforementioned relationships. Weekly mundane tasks often have to be sacrificed in favor of university deadlines and projects which lead to a much greater workload later.

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