Thesis: Time Torture

Sample Thesis Paper

According to Einstein’s Theory of relatively, time is an event which is relative to the individual who is observing it. It is an event which is subject to motion and change. Time when observed to relative to space, it is observed and it passes. These events are almost as myriad as the passage of time itself. It is within these events that time can move at a steady pace or at a fast paced. According to the observer however, it can either be either be a pleasure or torture.

Take for example the time which passed watching a kettle boil. The amount of time it would require for the same amount of heat acting on the same kettle to boil the same amount of water is invariable. However, depending on the experiences of the individual the perception of time which passes could stretch from a mere 10 minutes to hours or perhaps even diminish to a few seconds. It is the same concept which has implications in the real world in the form of a torture known as sensory deprivation. Essentially what happens in this case is that an individual is put into a room where he is tied to a chair and strapped to noise cancelling headphones and light blocking goggles. The objective of these apparatus of course is to remove all perception of time and space from the individual’s consciousness. When the individual is once again exposed to the real world not only does the intensity of light blind the individual forcing his eyes and ears to adjust. The sounds around him are deafening to hear.

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