Thesis: Timewerks Application

Sample Thesis Paper

Time is of the essence no matter what the profession or the field, it is for the same reason that this researcher selected Timewerks as a recommended application. Fundamentally an iPhone application, Timewerks allows users to keep minute track of their time usage distributions. The application imitates by taking in input from the user regarding the amount of time that has been spent on a job and then identifying the time that each task took in the execution of the job (Sorth, 2009). This allows the user to acquire a clear picture of the amount of time spent on actual work and the amount of time that was wasted and could have been channelled to another job had it been saved.

By allowing the user to generate reports of the time frames spent on different jobs, the application allows reports to be generated that reflect upon the time periods each task in a job took to be completed for a specific client. Each project can be assigned to a client and can be continuously edited and updated to track not only the time spent on the project but also on the time spent on each of the project’s tasks and the extent to which the project has been completed (Sorth, 2009). The application remains active even when it is closed and allows the user to clock the time spent on a task through a minimized stop watch feature whenever required. Once a task is completed, the user can reopen the application and can stop the stopwatch running under the designated task.

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