Thesis: Tourette Syndrome

Sample Thesis Paper

Oliver Sacks writes in his book about Tourette syndrome as an inherited neurological disorder, it is a rare disease of the nerves, that starts from childhood it is noticeable by the repeated physical motor tics and vocal tics, these tics can become chronic, Tourette syndrome is a very serious disorder.

Oliver Sacks in his book ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat’describes Tourette syndrome as a genetic condition that is inherited from parents, in the title story he writes about his patient with a perception disorder so strong that he really mistook his wife’s head for a hat, Dr.Sacks can best explain the disorders of the right hemisphere of the brain, cases in which tumors accidents, and unsoundness of mind lead to syndromes these disorders affect  the memory and perception of the victim affecting his personality and behavior, in this case Dr.P, was a music teacher whose perception of vision was lost, but his other sense was becoming strong as he could play music and was the music teacher till the end.(7-21), Dr. Sacks  later disclosed that his patient had a large tumor in the visual part of his brain.

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