Thesis: The Cause of Tourette Syndrome

Sample Thesis Paper

The cause of Tourette syndrome is not known, according to research it occurs when there is a problem of communication between the brain and the nerves. A disturbance in the balance of neurotransmitters, it is the chemical in the brain that carries nerve signals from cell to cell and that may be the cause of Tourette syndrome. Symptoms of Tourette are noticed by the sudden voluntary or involuntary movements, called motor tics and that can be simple or complex, with….

this there is one vocal tic also, these tics may last for a few minutes or a little longer, tics involve uncontrolled twitching of the muscles, simple tics are like eye blinking, leg jerking, clapping, coughing, repeated throat clearing; complex tics are sniffing sneezing making throaty sounds and jumping, throwing thing, tics may appear suddenly, and are recurring, and occur differently in each patient. Tics are sudden out bursts of abnormal behavior, vocal tics are Coprolalia (the utterance of abusive, and objectionable words), Echolalia (repeating words of others), and palilalia (repetition of one’s own words), the most common vocal and motor tics are eye blinking and throat clearing. Tourette is diagnosed when the person has multiple motor tics. Dr.Sacks cites that creativity, imagination, and inventiveness good memory  are some examples of writers, artists, athletes, having Tourette may be able to manage their tics and control at the time of their work.(Meyers,1998), Sacks gives one such example of a disc jockey who while off air, uttered obscene words but, when he was on air he would be normal, Sacks points out that the disc jockey is able to use his vocal tic to his advantage with creative skill as a positive part of his job performance, his Tourette works as an advantage for him.

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