Thesis: Tourism Industry of Dubai after Recession

Sample Thesis Paper

The tourism industry has plummeted and foreign investment has decelerated significantly. Dubai is known for its exquisite high end and posh hotel industry that thrives upon a strong tourism industry. The global recession has reduced tourism and has therefore brought consumers to a point where they refrain from spending too much of their disposable income. As a result, hotels in Dubai are being forced to invest in aggressive marketing and promotional efforts to encourage people to come to Dubai. As bookings continue to decline, the hotel industry in Dubai is experiencing its lowest booking rates at a time when it is accustomed to its highest influx of customers (USA2UAE 2009).

The Dubai tourism industry experiences its peak season during the first quarter due to its mild winter climate that appeals to Western European, Russian and Scandinavian tourists amongst many others (HSBC Bank Middle East 1998). It is necessary to highlight at this point that by the end of the previous decade, the Dubai hostelling industry was entering a maturity phase and the provided facilities were being subjected to expansion, up-gradation and development to cater to expanded influxes of tourists.

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