Thesis: Tourism as the Second Largest Industry to use Internet

Sample Thesis Paper

Use of Internet has been mostly applied technique in business marketing and ‘Tourism is the second larger industry to use Internet applications for business purposes’ (Kozak & Andreu, 2006, p. 40). Electronic broachers, 24/7 facilities on online service for promotion, purchase and sales of holidays are the most popular way of marketing tourism in these days. Morgan and Pritchard (2001, p. 5) highlights the importance of advertising ‘Out of sight is out of mind for the consumer’ as people buy only those products they heard or talk about. An effective, well planned advertising however does not guarantee success but will certainly brings more chances. Tourism, as a ‘powerful economic force (Hudson, 2008, p. 4)’ proper management, creative exercise on providing information to both domestic and international visitor is vital. Hudson (2008) further argues marketing and advertising as a prime management influence factor, which is vital concern in tourism because it helps to motivate international tourist to come and visit the place.

In Internet marketing, online facilities is useful medium for buyers in comparing prices, which they enjoy researching online. In the process of exploring market of tourism, Internet marketing is one of the key elements, which provides online promotion and sales some products and services better than others. Tourism is major growing area in Internet activities because it is a global reach, which is particularly relevant for the tourism industry.  It does not only helps in developing the niche market, but also in exploring the global brands extending it’s reach to worldwide (Briggs, 2001).

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