Thesis: Trade Barriers within the European Union

Sample Thesis Paper

Trade barriers are one of the most important of concerns when it comes to the establishment and maintenance of a stable trading venture that spans across more than one border. However, if trade barriers were to be shed light upon in the perspective of the degrees of importance that exist with regard to the modern day strategic planning process, then logistics can be observed as one of the most integral of elements of the planning process without which a business venture cannot be expected to be a success without. Logistics barriers to trade within the European Union are quite similar to those that can be found across the globe. However there is a certain degree of complexity and a certain degree of convenience that can be found.

The complexity arises from the fact that logistics related trade barriers are of a nature that can serve to bring about a considerable degree of conflict between the regional and foreign working elements of the firm. Differences in customs policies and procedures not only serve to add unwanted expenses to the freight transport process but also serve to make the process more lengthier and cumbersome. In a majority of businesses, timing is of the essence and if deliveries are not made on time, the business and firm does not only end up losing business but also suffers damage to its reputation and reliability to extents that can lead the firm to completely abandon its operations in either that region or that particular country. It is for the same reason that firms and businesses find themselves trapped in scenarios where they are bound by previous commitments to consecutive losses that they must incur in order to keep their trading relationship and their market reputation alive.

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