Thesis: Traditional and Progressive Gender Roles

Sample Thesis Paper

Women appear to have rather progressive roles while men appear to have traditional roles (Harris, 2007). Women are shown to be empowered and in a position where they can influence decisions. They are considered and depicted to be along the lines of passive and indirect shareholders in the day to day lives of men. Men on the other hand, appeared to be generally indulged in activities such as dating and other romantic activities.

Conciliations between Men and Women

As mentioned above, men and women in the television serials observed frequently interacted. However, it is imperative to note that their discussions would frequently center on conflicting situations where each member of the gender held a different opinion of a situation. An important observation in this regard was that the men almost always seemed to be on one side collectively while the women almost always seemed to be in a collective opposition against the men.

Family Life

The family in the television serials observed appeared to be something of a fairy tale arrangement in which almost everybody is in the habit of being present at the dinner table and there seems to be no reference to real life situations of the modern day world where fast food and snacks mainly constituting junk food and the like have taken up a part of our lives more larger than we are willing to give them credit for.

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