Thesis: The Trail of Tears

Sample Thesis Paper

Explain the reasons that Indian Removal became popular among Americans and how Indians tried to resist. Be sure to describe why resistance was unsuccessful and what happened on the Trail of Tears?
In the early 19th century the United States wanted to expand into the south to raise the cotton industry. The original settlers there the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole nations were barriers to this movement.

From 1814 to 1824 Andrew Jackson negotiated nine out of eleven treaties which exchanged the eastern lands held by the Native Americans for lands in the west. The United States Supreme Court made a decision that these Indians could occupy lands within the United States but did not have the right to own them (PBS Online).

In an effort to protect their lands they tried to cede parts of them or give up their exchange land in order to retain control over some of their territories. They also refused to leave and waged war and even employed legal means. However the state of Georgia refused to recognize their sovereignty (PBS Online).

In 1833 a small faction of Cherokee not recognized as the leaders of the nation signed the Treaty of New Echota. When they were forced to emigrate to the west the march took 4,000 Cherokee lives due to starvation and disease. This was known as the trail of tears (PBS Online).

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