Thesis: Training Children

Sample Thesis Paper

It is therefore recommended, that the child is not raised in a manner where the child does not feel any physical discomfort upon doing something wrong or breaking rules that could translate in to the breaking of the law later on in life. The child’s actions should be carefully monitored to ensure that the child does not get away with any deeds that could encourage the child to multiply the intensity of the action as the child matures into an adult. Detention rooms are instruments that can be expected to teach children the consequences of breaking rules, but the span of authority of this particular instrument is only limited to schools. Children should be placed in situations where they are led to judge the validity and the degree of right and wrong that their action encompasses whenever they perform such an action (US News). We can therefore derive that children who grow up with the appropriate knowledge of the consequences of doing wrong will be able to become more functional parts of society and will be able to contribute more fully to the development of a better world.

It is necessary to clarify here that this paper does not recommend that the punishing be used to physically harm children, but recommends that children are given lots of love and subjected to a mental training of sorts where they learn to expect punishment in case they do anything wrong. The purpose is not to punish children to make them physically or mentally stronger, but to teach them that doing something wrong will lead one to consequences where discomfort will await the subject. Using this conditional learning of sorts, the child will eventually be trained to a point where the child will be able to know when to expect pain and when to expect a productive result.

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