Thesis: Transport Fundamentals

Sample Thesis Paper

Transport is of the utmost importance to an organization, not merely because it allows them to move tangibles from one location to another, but because transportation operates as perhaps one of the most practical parts of an organization’s infrastructure. This can be substantiated in light of the fact that the execution of transportation operations occurs as a result of the combined operation of technology based instruments and the utilization of labor. This inevitable combined usage of time and resources serves to make transportation an area of business where large volumes of resources can be lost if careful regulation is not carried out.

The fact that transportation is an element without which an organization can hardly be expected to function becomes all the more significant when combined with the fact that transportation also serves as few of the most volatile operations of the organization considering the immense potential for costs that may include congestion, crashes, injuries, fatalities air pollution and noise that it holds (Ballou, 2003).

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