Thesis: Transport Infrastructure of UK

Sample Thesis Paper

Currently, the UK economy is recognized to have the seventh highest GDP per capita in the UK and even though the recession has brought the economy into a downturn, the economy still remains sixth best for business in the world. Measures such as the reduction of key tax rates, alterations in treasury consent rules and increased flexibility in the Controlled Foreign Company rules sent the UK economy into a rapid recovery process in 2008 (Data Monitor 2003). The UK boasts of a very strong transport infrastructure that has contributed to the development of the UK economy by ensuring that the economy continues to function smoothly.
The UK has a total of 11 heliports, 334 paved runway airports and nine terminals and ports (Data Monitor 2009). These channels are connected via a well organized network of railways, roads and waterways. The contribution of the transport infrastructure is of such a nature that developments in the transportation infrastructure are now perceived as long run developments in the economy (European Conference of Ministers of Transport 2005). It is perhaps because of the same reason that the UK government decided to continue increasing spending on transport infrastructure development through 2007 to 2011 in spite of the global economic recession.

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