Thesis: Transportation Activity

Sample Thesis Paper

With regard to the United States economy, it would not be unjustified to concur that transportation is in itself, nothing less than a commodity. This can be concurred because of the fact that transportation has an intricate set of characteristics. This is because of the fact that before a transportation activity can be carried out there are a significant number of factors that need to be determined. These factors include the mode of transport used and the significance of the usage of that particular mode of transportation for the subject freight (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2008), the speed and reliability that the mode holds and the distance across which the act of transport has to be carried out.

Generally, the United States economy follows a pattern in which an investment made in an industry where the wages are high results in an increase in the competitiveness that is present in that region. When investment is made in areas such as transport, it allows for the exploration of business opportunities in territories that are much different from the territories from where the exploration originates. Generally investment such as this is triggered by factors such as the limited presence of an element in a region where the demand for that element is either already high or continuously increasing. For instance, the requirement of labor or the need for a water or land supply can be reasons that may trigger such an investment.

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