Thesis: Transportation Department Functions

Sample Thesis Paper

When the transportation department of an organization functions, there are a number of expenditures that it requires besides monetary expenditures. For one, the transportation department functions involve the generation of a number of side effects. For instance, when the transportation operations are carried out, the personnel carrying out the transportation operations undergo tendencies to experience increased morbidity and mortality due to the pollution to which they are exposed.

The dangers involved in the transportation process make the personnel associated and involved with the transportation operations vulnerable to injuries and fatalities because of the decreased safety levels to which the personnel have no other option but to operate in. Also, more than often transportation operations involve heavy machinery and vehicles that produce significant levels of noise which serves to act as a potential cause for the deterioration of the quality of life and property because of the emission of carbon in scenarios where fuel is used in vehicles that have significant carbon emission rates. In cases such as these, not only are the personnel associated at a risk but also the environment within which the transportation operations are taking place (Hester & Harrison, 2004). All these factors are attributed to be the inevitable costs of the functioning of transportation.

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