Thesis: Transportation Department of an Organization

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to function properly, the transport department of an organization need to a considerable amount of input from numerous sources within the organization. Channels that can act as inputs to the transportation system of an organization include channels such as information pertaining to operations and management, labor, land, energy and vehicular maintenance. As a combined result of these factors and more factors that may exist and vary from scenario to scenario, the transportation system functions to serve a multitude of causes such as services pertaining to a product, emergency services, as a work related modes of conveyance, a means of transporting raw material inbound and freighting finished products through outbound logistics.

As these processes occur, the transportation department causes implications to be subjected upon the environment around the scenario, the degree of safety that each member of the personnel associated with the transportation department experiences, the health implications that the members suffer and the time and effort used in the process of the transportation of the merchandise and/or personnel.

There are two elements that are of considerable importance when one is studying the fundamentals of logistics, these include the infrastructure design and the interaction between the system capacities with its use.

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