Thesis: My First Tricycle; Narration

Sample Thesis Paper

We all like to make things go faster.  When we are young, our parents want us to crawl; when we can crawl, they want us to walk; and, when we can walk, we realize that we want to start running with our parents chasing us around.  Things pretty much stay that way until we realize that their longer legs give them a significant advantage over our shorter ones, and hence we need something to make us go faster.

One thing leads to another and soon we are learning to ride a bicycle, dreaming that this would one day lead to a car. My father bought me my first tricycle when I was five years old when he had realized that I was beginning to get tired of all the other toys lying around and needed something else to keep me distracted.  My very first tricycle was hence presented to me on a warm Sunday afternoon and was to remain my companion for the next two years until I was lured into opting for something “more advanced with two wheels” and pass down the old faithful tricycle to my younger brother.

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