Thesis: UK’s Print Agencies

Sample Thesis Paper

The biggest example is of the ad agency Fallon. In the United Kingdom Fallon is considered to be the decorated agency in the entire agency but the print work of Fallon has earned an unfavorable response. Strategists suggest that Fallon is comfortable with the TV ads and their still forms of TV ads in the form of print ads are disliked by the people. Another major example is of JWT and Russell Ramsey the executive creative director at JWT believes that the true essence of print advertisement is wiping away from the industry.

The most apt example of a product in this respect is Sony Bravia. This product was fabulous with its TVC’s (Television Commercials but the press and the outdoor ads of this product would simple remind an individual about the TV commercial. Another executive at the Wunderman Steve Harrison said that this ad would not win Cannes because the print and the outdoor were not up to the mark. The print was quite famous in the previous years but in today’s world the print ads has fallen away and copywriters are looking for TV, internet or anywhere except print for their next big opportunity. This easily depicts that this medium is not getting the response from public as the large majority or people are towards TV’s, internet advertisement and etc. Advertisers believe that all is put into print so that you can keep the TV pure. Creativity is checked in Cannes and the print ads of UK in the current era lacks creativity that is the reason why chances are rare that agencies would win a Cannes in the next few years. The advertisers and marketing gurus of different organizations of UK consider that UK’s TV commercials are up to the mark but they actually lack in print media (Campaign 2008). The core concept or in other words the Holy Grail among UK’s ad agencies in the main idea that is translated into an array of different media channels. The main idea at Cannes in excellent communication in one form of medium and UK’s print agencies lack that.

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