Thesis: Is Ultrasound Safe

Sample Thesis Paper

Ultrasound does not in any manner incorporate the use of hazardous radiations and is comparatively safer than alternate imaging techniques such as X-Ray and the like. In this regard, there remains no doubt in the fact that ultrasound is a highly effective technology that cannot be replaced with any other form of present technology.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that the nature of reaction that occurs in the administration of ultrasound on an individual is one that is centrally destructive if not regulated appropriately. This serves to put ultrasound technology in a position where it still requires research and development to ascertain that there is no possibility that the application of ultrasound technology can have any unintended adverse implications. Ultrasound technology is one that is of a highly intensive nature in cases where destructive functions are being derived from its application and when one considers the biological reactions that occur every time an ultrasound is carried out for the purpose of stone disintegration, one cannot help but feel that the slightest misdirection or maladjustment of the ultrasound waves can cause harm to the patient.

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