Thesis: Uses of Ultrasound Technology

Sample Thesis Paper

The ultrasound technique in itself is one that is noninvasive and is therefore one that is generally considered to be one that is quite painless by patients. Considering its ease of use, it comes as no surprise that it has become a less expensive form of diagnostic imaging methods as compared to others such as MRIs and X-Rays. No ionizing radiations are brought into use and the fact that the sound waves are highly sensitive to tissues allows a clear picture of the tissue to be developed.

The imaging in the case of Ultrasound in this regard is one that may exceed the result that would have been acquired through an X-Ray in the same circumstance (Kellermayer, 2009). To date, there have been no negative implications reported for diagnostic ultrasound and it is therefore repeated frequently to acquire an understanding of the development of the patient’s internal condition. Monitoring of the fetus is perhaps the most common use in which ultrasound technology is brought about in this regard. Combined with computer innovation, modern day ultrasound implementation now allows real-time imaging to be carried out. This attribute is one that is not merely used for diagnostic purposes but is also supplemented in its use with needle aspiration and needle biopsies.

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