Thesis: Uses of Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

The research carried out in the above paragraphs was one that was aimed at the development of a comprehensive understanding of ultrasound technology, its application in treatment and therapy and its credibility in light of its implications on the human tissue. It was observed that the uses of ultrasound have become extensively diverse and that it is being brought into use in medical facilities around the world. What began as a means of imagining and acquiring a picture of the internal functioning of the body has now become the basis of a highly sophisticated method of carrying out therapy and treatment.

Ultrasound comes forth as a form of therapy that can be subjected to generalized therapy and surgery procedures. Even though there is a body of literature which indicates that the application of ultrasound may be having adverse implications on the subjects, it was observed that no concrete statement has been reached by medical science upon the implications of ultrasound as yet. Ultrasound technology is not merely brought into use for diagnosis but has evolved to a point where it is now a rapidly implemented form of treatment. Lithotripsy comes forth as an undeniably significant alternate to traditional surgery based solutions. This mere fact places ultrasound technology at a position where even the most modern surgical practices cannot replace ultrasound technology; at least until an alternate can be found. The research identified that patients consider lithotripsy as a preferred mode of treatment as compared to standard surgery.

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