Thesis: Understanding of Brand Commitment

Sample Thesis Paper

Academic Context

The background for the research discussed above has shown that this research is attempting to address an area of research that requires extensive research since most of the previous researches have attempted to focus on the manner in which brand commitment influences purchase behavior rather than how brand commitment is influenced so that a consumer chooses to exercise different purchase behaviors. Therefore, while other researches chose to center their studies on purchase behavior, this research attempts to fill a significant void by focusing on brand commitment.

Industrial Context

The research will attempt to contribute to the understanding of brand commitment and will therefore serve to allow marketers and strategists assistance on how consumer commitment to brands is influenced; particularly in the case of Saudi Arabian companies.

Project Aim

The project aims to develop a comprehensive and clear working knowledge of the factors that serve to influence brand commitment on the consumer purchasing behavior of consumers in the case of mobile manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. The fundamental objective of the research therefore is to establish on the influence of brand commitment on purchase behavior.

Project Objectives

The project shall attempt to establish upon key factors to which consumers are most vulnerable when evaluated with regard to the loyalty and commitment that they hold in the case of their purchasing behavior for mobile phones in Saudi Arabia. In order to do so, the research will not only evaluate Saudi consumers with regard to their reactions and perceptions of the messages to which they are exposed but will also evaluate the means through which Saudi Arabian mobile phone manufacturers attempt to encourage purchase behavior in consumers in favor of their brands.

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