Thesis: Understanding of Consciousness

Sample Thesis Paper

He gives an example of this by speaking of water as the product of chemical bonds of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. He says that though these are the micro level components of this item. The quality of liquidity cannot simply be understood by understanding their properties. That further information gained from the micro level structures must be used to gain an understanding of it. In the same way we must accept that the surface phenomena of experiences can justify an understanding of consciousness, to understand it though we must look at the micro level causes of it which are simply not understood yet.

However if we take a more inspective look upon his writings we can see that Searle does not take the concept of the reducibility of elements into account. In fact he flat out denies it in spite of the fact that it is proven that water can be broken down into its basic components. Searle says that the aspect of qualia is merely a surface feature of the combined effects on the brain. He says that the liquidity which is found in water is an independent factor from the micro level structures that cause in effect invalidating his own argument. He says that qualia and the brain are not ontological having the same nature. He says that the only way to understand consciousness is to bridge these two different ontological factors through science which has not been done yet.

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